Job Board

BIPOC-owned businesses and organizations seeking pro bono creative work.

  • Graphic Design

    About Adria:
    Black-owned, located in Detroit, MI
    Adria is a holistic, trauma-informed mindfulness practitioner. Under my name, I offer mindfulness service, and I am finally branching out into product.

    Project Brief:
    I am looking to create a brand identity for my CBD self-care products and am looking for someone to take my mood board and create product designs.

  • Afrinomenon
    Illustration, Motion Graphics, Web Design

    About Afrinomenon:
    Black-owned, located in New York City
    AFRINOMENON aims to be a multimedia platform for alternative content inspired by Black experiences in Africa and its diaspora. We envision our platform being a portal that connects young people of African descent and broadens Black imagination and identities. We want to highlight and celebrate the diverse expressions and explorations of Black identities in comics, video content, audio and literary works of science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, modern art, etc.

    This means creating an engaging community website that improves the visibility and accessibility to marginalized creatives. Ultimately, we want to create a futuristic user interface and experience for our audience to feel seen and engaged in works of fantasy, alternativism, surrealism, etc. in the digital space.

    Project Brief:
    We are seeking help with web design. We are inspired by these web designs:

    If possible, we would like elements in the website such as community threads, chat groups, interactive buttons such as claps, votes, snaps etc.

  • Film & Video, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Writing

    About CastBlackTalent:
    Black-owned, located in Los Angeles, CA
    An initiative to create opportunities for energy black talent in the entertainment industry.

    Project Brief:
    I am seeking a graphic designer to help with a logo, branding, Instagram posts, and web designing.

  • Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

    About Cooperative Capital:
    Black-owned, located in Detroit, MI
    Cooperative Capital is looking to build a more inclusive economy and build wealth through investment clubs and education.

    Project Brief:
    We are currently working on a financial literacy curriculum called "Get Financially Lit." It would be amazing to have a logo and maybe a few other digital assets (motion graphics) created for this.

  • Film & Video, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Web Design

    About Cosmic.ish:
    Black-owned, located in Brooklyn, New York
    Cosmic.ish a wellness community. I offer healing services and guidance via the web and in-person workshops/ sessions. Due to quarantine, I have had to pivot and offer my services online.

    Which is exciting, because I get to expand in new and creative ways. However, it also requires a visual adjustment so that the look and feel of my business translates online."

    Project Brief:
    I would like support on the following projects:

    Web design / Illustration - Updating the look and feel of my website. More color and adjusting the layout. Creating a cover for a podcast, Editing current logo, Edit meditation/ guidance and podcast videos, Edit/ Rework web copy

  • Film & Video, Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design

    About Counter Coffee Air Roasters:
    Black-owned, located at 7324 Madison St, Forest Park, IL 60130
    We are a small coffee shop in Forest Park, IL. Our mission is to raise the standard of sustainable coffee roasting — one batch at a time. We are community-focused and always giving back. We give back all the way to the farmers who grow our coffee beans. We are truly unique because we roast our coffee on demand. We pride ourselves in legitimately fresh coffee.

    Project Brief:
    We are looking for a graphic designer to work on designing in-store / online merchandise, postcards, social media posts (Facebook & Instagram), shop signage, food/drink/merch photography, menus, and modifiable templates.

  • Film & Video, Graphic Design, Other, Web Design

    About digdogdig:
    NBPOC-owned, located in Mountain View, Hawaii
    I am a human and an artist and all of my work is rooted in decolonization and anti-racism. I have been exploited by white supremacy and white-centering art/fashion industry/communities/shops - you name it. and it’s not a person. It’s white supremacy. My work moves from object making, video, poetry, activism, my garden, community work, facilitating healing experiences, how and what I post on my Instagram. Creativity fuels my survival and because of creativity, I am still alive. As a direct result of white supremacy - opportunities have not only been limited but also not safe. My artwork funds are always redistributed to Black, Brown, and Indigenous people because they are my family, not because I am “doing the right thing”.

    I hope this pro bono work is safe and about honoring the work of BIPOC not because of the oppression we face, but because our work is valuable, whole and truth. Thank you for reading this.


    Project Brief:
    I need help with graphic design so that I can bring some of my words to better life so I can make posters + shirts/product to fundraise and build investment towards my community care projects.

  • Graphic Design, Web Design

    About Hrblgy:
    Black-owned, located in Chicago, IL
    Hrblgy is an apothecary and wellness initiative with a mission to bring wellness back home. We teach self-sustainability, herbalism, and other complementary wellness practices with a focus on BIPOC/LGBTQ+ folx who remain on the margins of axis to care, although our ancestors lie at the root of today's popularized wellness movement itself.

    Project Brief:
    Our website is currently hosted on Squarespace, but it's not visually ready to be released to the public. I had it up for a while, but was unsatisfied with the look, and I don't have the capacity or skill to build it like I'd wish. I need a web designer who can assist with our entire site (home page, two journals, online apothecary (shop), about page, etc.) I started updating it and just need someone to build off of that!

  • Graphic Design, Web Design

    About Melanin Mirrors:
    Black-owned, located in New Jersey
    Melanin Mirrors customizes handheld beauty mirrors that have uplifting phrases and/or the outline of the African continent printed on the back (of the mirror). I created this brand to show representation within my culture, be an example to Black youth that they too can be entrepreneurs, and to help lift the self-esteem of the Black community through words of affirmation that can be seen daily.

    Our business IG will also showcase quotes from people within our history as well as showcase present black business owners who are passionate about self-growth/inner/outer beauty, whether that's make-up artists, Black yogis, Black teachers, etc.

    Our Motto: "Look at and Uplift Yourself!" - Melanin Mirrors

    Instagram: @MelaninMirrors

    Project Brief:
    Looking for a nicer banner and help with Shopify web design. I love web design and beautiful layouts and if I am going to be selling mirrors and work within the beauty department, my website should reflect that mission. Everything on the website I've tried to set up myself.

  • Film & Video,Web Design

    About Naaya:
    Black-owned, located in NYC
    Wellness, as it stands now, is synonymous with whiteness, affluence, and being able-bodied. Naaya exists to redefine this narrative into one that centers BIPOC folks. Because we know the beauty and the trauma that exist in our experience of living in BIPOC bodies. We want to create a space where BIPOC folks can luxuriate in the beauty that is intrinsic to our being. We aim to root you in your well-being by making you feel seen and mostly heard.

    Project Brief:
    Launching a new website for an extension of the brand. Have logo, fonts, and color palette. Looking for someone adept in Squarespace design.

  • Graphic Design, Other, Web Design

    About Ready and Relevant:
    Black-owned, located in Minneapolis, MN
    Ready and Relevant is a nonprofit started by Evita Ellis, a Black woman in Minneapolis. Ready and Relevant provides support services to young Black women and women of color between the ages of 17-21 who are facing difficult circumstances. We also provide small scholarships to young Black women and women of color who are earning a certification, Associate degree, or Bachelor’s degree, to purchase personal and educational items not covered by traditional financial aid.

    Project Brief:
    We're in the process of hiring someone to help us create a marketing plan, and then we will need to hire people to do the creative work to put it in place. We'll be working on branding and redoing our website.

  • About Summer Of Love Club:
    Black-owned, located in Toronto, Ontario
    Summer Of Love Club is a independent clothing brand inspired by the summer of love movement of 1967. Spreading love through inclusivity and diversity from now until forever through clothing.

    Project Brief:
    Help with building an ecommerce site on Shopify (switching platforms to enable sole proprietorship of company). Business advice, mentoring for small independent start up business.

  • Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Photography

    About Supernyx Inc.:
    Black-owned, remote-based
    Supernyx is an esports organization for all. We're a power-up for all gamers.

    We’re serving esports pros, competitive gaming organizations, and emerging gamers with training and development, while relentlessly building an inclusive team and expanding the definition of a gamer.
    We're making fun and informative content and art projects that will help people get interested in gaming and feel supported by a group of people who represent them.

    Project Brief:
    Original illustrations, designs, motion graphics, and photography to publish on our site and social media. Work is flexible based on the creative's time and ability to commit to the project.

  • About The Curly Code:
    Black-owned, located in Brooklyn, NY (But working remote until 2021)
    Founded in 2019 by College Access Professional Emmanuella Duroska. The Curly Code LLC was created to act as a guide for college-bound high school students of color encouraging self-love while promoting academic excellence. Our mission is twofold: Affirming textures while increasing student self-awareness of their college trajectory. By empowering young women of color to learn and love their hair for what it is we increase positive self-concept. We strive to empower them to be critical consumers of the college admissions process.

    Project Brief:
    We are a small group of educators that have been funding this organization from our projects. We created some merch to help us raise money for Camp Curly Code, as it is free of cost for students. We need help creating motion graphics for IG posts that can really help us raise money by selling our merch.

  • About The Dinner Table Doc:
    Black-owned, located in Brooklyn, NY
    Founded in 2014, the Dinner Table Doc is a 501(c)(3) New York City, non-profit organization that partners with schools and community organizations to provide college and career readiness workshops and programming.

    Project Brief:
    We are currently seeking help to create a culminating video of our events and programs. I think we have a video that does a great job of showcasing who we are as an organization overall but we really need some help making a video (or videos) of the specific programs that we do to attract more schools to our roster of programming and better translate our services to our target demographic. We have a lot of footage from different events to help compliment the final product, but again could really use some help creating a cohesive story and defining how we do what we do and its impact through specific programming. Additionally, we'd like to animate our logo or add some sort of cool motion graphic aspect to it to really make our videos come alive. We've tried using Powtoon but there's only so much you can do.

  • Other, Web Design

    About The Renee:
    Black-owned, located in North Carolina
    A lab ReDesigning Black Maternal Health Experiences (MX)

    Project Brief:
    Redesigning our current website built on WordPress.

  • About The Wandering Ear:
    Black-owned, located in Seattle, WA
    The Wandering Ear is an online music publication & event series based out of Seattle WA. We write about music through the lenses of how music makes you feel and how it's attached to a certain moment.

    Project Brief:
    I would occasionally need someone to create some engaging graphics for my IG account, show posters, and announcements. Not to heavy on graphic design right now.

  • Vamo' Arriba
    Graphic Design

    About Vamo' Arriba:
    NBPOC-owned, located in Los Angeles, CA
    Hello! We're Sofía Rodríguez-Toymil and Thalía Colón, second-year college students from Puerto Rico and founders of Vamo' Arriba. Vamo' Arriba is a non-profit, student organization that focuses on mutual aid in Latino communities. We started in 2020 and have been focusing on collecting items/donations and sending them abroad to communities in Latin America that have been affected by political/natural disasters. For example, this year we focused on gathering school supplies for children in Puerto Rico whose schools were deemed unsafe after the January earthquakes. However, Vamo' Arriba is not an exclusive platform. We strive to create a safe space for queer BIPOC people, actively seeking to empower and engage with communities that have been historically misrepresented or marginalized in the media, government, and society. Currently, we're a very small team; anything would be appreciated! Thank you!

    Project Brief:
    We're still starting up, so we still need a logo. That's the most inimical thing we're seeking help with. Aside from that, we'll probably need help designing flyers for our events or possible content for our social media page (which is still not up yet).

  • Film & Video, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Photography, Web Design

    About Well Damn:
    Black-owned, located in Los Angeles, CA
    Well Damn is a platform and community reclaiming culture as a vehicle for wellness and empowerment; a space to celebrate forward ideas, emerging music artists, and empowering voices. Curating a space to go beyond the superficial with a tastemaking Gen Z + Millennial audience. Some partners on events in real life have included Ace Hotel, W Hotel, Female Quotient, Urban Outfitters, + more.

    Recap of our recent music x wellness event partnered with Urban Outfitters

    Project Brief:
    Poster Design for Benefits, Wellness & Education Events, etc. Website Design, Logo Design/Illustration for Upcoming Initiatives

  • Graphic Design, Web Design

    About wellgoodting:
    Black-owned, located worldwide
    A platform advocating for whole body and mind wellness / centering holistic wellness and conversations around well-being, care, and work.

    Project Brief:
    Seeking help with social templates and a logo and if possible, a very simple website.

  • About YVArts:
    NBPOC-owned, located in Vancouver, BC
    YVArts offers free consulting and administrative services to emerging artists in Vancouver. We strive to help emerging Vancouver-based artists build a profitable career by connecting them with various resources in the community. We also advocate for fair compensation in new and emerging works, and we continue to fight against the long-standing and deeply-rooted issues around artist exploitation.

    Project Brief:
    My current website content builder is very limited, so I'm looking to transfer it to another platform. I also have some ideas on how to make the site more interactive. Let's chat!