• 600 & Rising

    Advocacy and advancement of Black advertising talent.

    Instagram: @600andrising

  • Activation Residency

    A New York-based residency, collective, and fund that serves and supports emerging artists of color.

  • Afrotectopia

    An organization fostering innovation at the intersections of art, design, technology, Black culture and activism. Host to an annual new-media festival, summer camps for New York Public School students, offers scholarships and supports Black-owned businesses.

    Instagram: @afrotectopia

  • Allyship & Action

    A pledge for action and true allyship from Brands, Corporations and Agencies.

    Instagram: @allyshipandaction

  • A resource for anyone looking to broaden their understanding of anti-racism and get involved to combat racism, specifically as it relates to anti-Blackness and police violence.

    Instagram: @victoriaalxndr

  • Art Hoe Collective

    Art Hoe Collective was started by Queer Black People to provide a safe space for creatives of color.

  • Artist Relief

    An emergency initiative to offer financial and informational support to artists affected by COVID-19 across the United States. Applications now open!

    Instagram: @artistrelief

  • Arts Administrators of Color

    The AAC hosts annual conventions, professional-development events, networking opportunities and mentoring programs for art administrators and artists of color.

  • Authority Collective

    A group of more than 200 womxn, non-binary and gender expansive people of color working on empowering marginalized artists with resources and community, and to take action against systemic and individual abuses in the world of lens-based editorial, documentary and commercial visual work.

    Instagram: @authoritycollective

  • BAND Gallery
    Networking, Community

    BAND is an organization dedicated to supporting, documenting, and showcasing the artistic contributions of Black artists in Canada and internationally through exhibitions and a speaking series.

  • Black Artist Fund
    Arts Funding

    The Black Artist Fund hosted by 10011 Magazine, collects donations from both art lovers and raises funds through art sales. The funds will be disbursed to individual Black artists and Black art collectives / organizations in the U.S. Grant Recipient Nominations are available on their site

    Instagram: @blackartistfund

  • Black Artists + Black Designers Guild

    BADG is a global nonprofit platform whose mission is to build a more equitable and inclusive creative culture by advancing a community of independent Black artists, makers and designers in various creative industries.

  • Black Girl Magik
    Education, Community

    A global movement creating safe spaces for Black women and girls to get people talking about real issues, such as mental health and self-identity and to lead community building “workouts” that nurture courageous self-acceptance.

  • Black in Film

    A filmmaker database promoting the inclusion of Black artists behind the camera.

    Instagram: @blackinfilm

  • Black Lunch Table
    Education, Community

    The Black Lunch Table hosts roundtables of diverse art-world thinkers focused on critical race-related issues. The group also hosts Wikipedia edit-a-thons to expand entries about the lives and works of black artists. All BLT conversations are archived online.

  • Central Texas BIPOC Creative Network

    This database is intended as a resource for and of Black; Indigenous; People of Color (including BIPOC LGBTQIA+) creatives living and working in Central Texas. We hope this list will continue to grow, bringing visibility & serving as a network to many underrepresented artists.

    Instagram: @lascruxes

  • A collective of creative people who contribute their skills and time to the advancement of BIPOC owned businesses.

    Instagram: @drnnwmn

  • Crafting the Future

    Artists working together to provide equitable opportunities in the arts and to support the careers of young, underrepresented artists by connecting them to opportunities that will help them thrive.

    Instagram: @crafting_the_future

  • Creative Collective NYC

    The Creative Collective NYC is a community & creative agency immersed in culture. We're dedicated to facilitating brave spaces for multicultural creatives.

    Instagram: @theccnyc

  • Design to Divest
    Activism, Education, Services

    A task force of designers that meet weekly to design graphics, flyers, illustration, signage, educational materials, free of charge for Black organizers, collectives, and local orgs building towards the divestment of capitalism and white supremacist structures.

    Instagram: @fiveboi

  • Ethel's Club: Free Healing and Grieving Sessions
    Community, Wellness

    Free healing and grieving group sessions for the Black community.

    Instagram: @ethelsclub

  • Freelancers Union
    Services, Education

    An organization promoting the interests of independent workers through advocacy, education, and services. Membership is free and open to freelancers of all kinds, from graphic designers and contractors to entrepreneurs and moonlighters. Freelancers Union offers: Insurance Benefits, Community, Advocacy, and Resources.

    Instagram: @freelancersu

  • Freelancing Females

    World’s largest community of Freelance Women providing mentorship, support & opportunities.

    Instagram: @freelancingfemales

  • Hire Black Creatives

    A resource featuring Black creatives in advertising, fashion and film.

    Instagram: @hireblackcreatives

  • Hire Black Female Creatives

    A directory of Black Female creatives for hire from multiple creative fields.

  • Panimation

    Panimation is a community consisting of women, trans and non-binary creatives from diverse backgrounds working in the animation and motion design industry. Founded in February 2015 on the notion of the industry being too much of a boy’s club, today the community consists of over 5,000 members from all over the world working within the many different fields and specialisations of animation and motion graphics. Starting out as a Facebook group, the community expanded and its members helped shaping it into an inspiring platform to exchange knowledge and support. Encouraged by the support and a need of a community like this, the next step was putting together a directory that makes it easy for anyone to get a hold of underrepresented talent. No more excuses for cis men-only studios, speaker line-ups and director rosters. Diversity exists, it's got skills and it's here!

  • An open call for free pdfs of anti-racist posters, pamphlets, signs, flyers, organizing material, handouts and zines that provide information about the ongoing fight for racial equality and the movement to protect Black lives.

    Instagram: @printedmatterinc

  • Public Service
    Networking, Community

    A platform dedicated to advancing equity in image making.

    Instagram: @inyebynature

  • An award-winning podcast showcasing the world's Black designers, developers and digital creatives.

    Instagram: @revisionpath

  • See in Black Project

    A collective of Black photographers who uplift and invest in Black visibility.

    Instagram: @seeinblackproject

  • The Black Creative Directory

    In an effort to elevate Black talent within the media, creative, and events industries, Many Hats and some friends are putting together this soon-to-launch public resource. It will be continuously updated and shared with leading creatives, brands, agencies, producers, and recruiters.

    Instagram: @thejoyinbeauty

  • The Black House
    Networking, Community

    A non-profit organization that creates new opportunities for the Black community in the film world.

    Instagram: @the_blackhouse

  • This Skill Trade Sheet is a tool for trading resources, and is designed to be used on Instagram. Use it to trade offerings, learn skills, & create with your community members.

    Instagram: @annika.izora